What people say about LAG
'Back in the 1970s when I was a general practitioner, the LAG Bulletin was as mother's milk to me, but I note with interest how it has improved both in terms of content and in presentation. But one aspect remains the same. It is clear that LAG is as committed now as it ever was to the marginalised, which even in legal aid terms are less profitable than the rest. Keep up the good work.' Alured Darlington, winner of the award for outstanding achievement at the Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year awards 2007.
'Being a LAG subscriber from very nearly the first edition, I was inspired to retrain as a solicitor, and was lucky enough to secure articles in one of the first Law Centres® ... LAG has played a major part in developing the access to justice agenda ...' Ed Cape, Professor of Criminal Law and Practice at the University of the West of England, Bristol.
'[LAG] was such an exciting initiative - a campaign organisation which would press for better access to the law and a more equitable legal system. Basing its work on research, scholarship and evidence, it has, over all these years, kept its promise. It has remained at the forefront of legal change, commanding huge respect among policy-makers and lawyers alike.' Baroness Helena Kennedy QC
'In the course of a generation, the Legal Action Group has established itself as a uniquely principled and well-informed voice; the conscience of our legal system.' Lord Justice Stephen Sedley
'LAG's role has always been the same - to inform, to agitate, to critique, to point the way forward ... LAG is rightly regarded as the leading organisation in the field - universally recognised for its expertise, for the quality of its analysis, for the range of its activities and for its commitment to the cause.' Michael Zander QC, FBA and Professor Emeritus of Law at the London School of Economics and Political Science.
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'Many legal practitioners will be familiar with Legal Action Group books. They have gained popularity for being both comprehensive and practical; successfully walking the tightrope between offering sufficient technical detail so as to benefit the specialist lawyer, whilst being clear and concise enough for the complete beginner.' Emma Cross, Pannone LLP, Solicitors Journal.
'The plethora of publications from LAG reflects the constantly growing flow of legislation from Europe and Westminster that is necessary to keep pace with a rapidly changing society and opinions.' Wesley Harcourt, development worker, AdviceUK Bulletin.
'The Legal Action Group has a fine record of publishing books that are detailed, accurate, practical and extremely good value.' Robert Spicer, Frederick Place Chambers, Solicitors Journal.