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Description: Legal Action Magazine April edition highlights with Jawaid Luqmani, Sue Willman,...
Posted by Jo Walters
on Apr 04
Immigration law and asylum support law legends Jawaid Luqmani, and Sue Willman, relatively new legal action magazine writer Carolynn Gallwey of Bhatt Murphy & Jennifer Blair of Ukraine Advice Project
Description: Legal Action Magazine March edition highlights with Adam Straw QC, Ollie Persey,...
Posted by Jo Walters
on Mar 23
Adam straw QC, Doughty Street Chambers and Ollie Persey, Garden Court Chambers, discuss Adam's new book, 'Discrimination in Public Law' Legal Action Group 2022.

Professor Lisa Whitehouse, Southampton
Description: Legal Action Magazine May edition highlights with David Renton, David Cowan and...
Posted by Jo Walters
on May 09
David Renton, employment law and P&O Ferry's.
Professor David Cowan, mortgage and owner occupier law update.
Louise Heath, shares highlights from May's magazine.
Description: S1 E1. David Renton discussing his new book Jobs and Homes
Posted by Jo Walters
on Apr 01
In the first episode Simon Mullings talks to David Renton about his new book Jobs and Homes and the life of a legal aid lawyer in lockdown
Description: S1 E2. Clustered injustice: Professor Luke Clements in conversation with Sue James...
Posted by Esther Pilger
on Jun 02
Duration45 mins
Professor Luke Clements in conversation with Sue James and Spike Mullings discussing his new book Clustered injustice and the level green.
Description: S1 E3. Professor Leslie Thomas QC and Deborah Coles talk all things Inquests with...
Posted by Jo Walters
on Aug 25
We're thrilled to introduce you to what promises to be a fascinating discussion between our guests, Professor Leslie Thomas QC, Deborah Coles in discussion with Fiona Bawdon.
Description: Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 09.14.14