LAG history
The Legal Action Group is the access to justice charity. We were established in 1972 as a result of well-evidenced concerns that our justice system was failing many people and communities. The case for LAG is as strong fifty years later as it was then. Even more so now as a result of the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 which represented the most significant retrenchment of legal aid since its establishment. We are a national charity that seeks to amplify the voice of those people and communities it exists to support; influences law and policy intending to improve access to justice; and works to build a fair legal system for all.
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L–r: Simon Hillyard and Lord Andrew Phillips, two of the four lawyers who called the meeting which led to our foundation, with Susan Marsden, the first director of LAG. The photo was taken in November 2017 at an event to celebrate our anniversary
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