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Legal Action Group
The access to justice charity
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Fighting for access to justice and a fair legal system for all

Description: Sun setting behind houses

Long-standing housing lawyer Adrian Brazier on what drove him to step away from the social justice coalface.

Legal aid
Description: Mental health_Tumisu_Pixabay

Gemma Daly, Sophy Miles and Nancy Williams highlight important cases on capacity and expert evidence, capacity to make decisions about sex and...

Mental health
Description: Classroom_Pexels_Katerina Holmes

Angela Jackman KC (Hon) and Eleanor Wright look at recent updates to guidance for local authorities on travel to school for children of compulsory...

Civil justice
Description: Globe_Pexels_Lara Jameson

Jawaid Luqmani highlights important changes to the Immigration Rules and new statutory instruments.

Immigration and asylum
Upcoming events
Description: Police Station Update - April 2024

The April 2024 Police Station Webinar will focus on the challenges faced by autistic and neuro-divergent suspects at the police station

LAG Seminar
Latest books
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Description: Migrant Support Handbook cover
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Description: Court of Protection 4th Edition (1)_page-0001
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Description: Defending Possession Proceedings 2021 (1)_page-0001