Books FAQs
How do I know if the book edition I have is the most current?
All the books featured on this website are the most current editions available.
When is the next edition coming out?
If a new edition is imminent, we will mention this on the book entry but please feel free to email us at if the information you're after is not available.
I am a lecturer, can I have an inspection copy of a book?
Yes. Please contact LAG using your organisation's headed paper and include details of the course. If the book is added to the course reading list the copy can be retained. Details of the course and the reading list should be forwarded to LAG. If the book is not adopted then it should be returned within 30 days or an invoice will be sent for the full amount.
I would like to request permission to reproduce content from a LAG book
Publishers' Licensing Services (PLS) manage all individual permission requests for Legal Action Group via PLSClear. If you wish to request permission to re-use material from any LAG publication please visit PLSClear and fill in the easy to use form and get a quick response.
In some cases it is not necessary to request permission to re-use content. For more information read here
I am a student, do I get a discount?
No, although you will find that all LAG books are very competitively priced. Students do however qualify for a considerable discount on the subscription for Legal Action and LAG membership.
I don't want to buy a book online, how else can I do it?
Please email us at
If I am purchasing a large number of books will I get a discount?
We offer a sliding-scale discount on bulk purchases of any of our books. Please email for further information.
How long will it take for my book to arrive?
Delivery to addresses within the UK and EU may take 5-7 working days. Delivery to the rest of the world can take up to 30 days. Our carriers may attempt delivery during office hours, we therefore advise that you provide a shipping address where you, or a representative, can sign for delivery.
Are accessible versions of LAG books available?
Many of our publications are available as eBooks (ePub format) which may be suitable for your specific needs. If this format is not suitable for your needs, a reasonable effort will be made to find alternative formats. For more information see our accessibility policy or email
I would like to return a book, is that possible?
You can return a book within 30 days of purchase and receive a refund (less delivery charges) as long as it is received by us in a saleable condition. Please return a copy of the invoice with the return. It is recommended that customers return goods via a traceable method.
Returns to be made at customer cost unless a book has been sent in error, in which case contact
Can I return an eBook or print/eBook bundle?
As eBooks cannot be physically returned, we are unable to offer refunds on successfully downloaded eBooks. Please check that you have the means to open and read ePub files before buying a LAG eBook. We cannot take responsibility for customers finding that they cannot use an eBook if it has been successfully downloaded. We suggest that you download (or check that you have) appropriate software installed on the device on which you will read the eBook before making a purchase. Please look at the information page on LAG eBooks for further guidance.
If you wish to return a print book purchased as part of a bundle, we will consider a partial refund if the book is returned in a saleable condition but you will need to contact LAG directly.
What format are LAG eBooks?
LAG eBooks are in ePub format. EPub format eBooks can be read on computers, tablets, smartphones, many eReaders, and directly in some web browsers using extensions. Please ensure that you are able to open ePub files before purchasing a LAG eBook.
Can I share an eBook with my colleagues?
No. ‘Sharing’ an eBook is not the same as sharing a copy of a physical book. ‘Sharing’ a digital file involves creating a copy of the original file and this breaches copyright restrictions. When you buy an eBook you are purchasing an individual licence to access the data, which is not the same as buying a book in print. When you download an eBook it is electronically watermarked for use by the customer who made the purchase.
If you would like to purchase a multi-user licence for an eBook, please contact LAG to arrange a suitable licence.
How do I read an eBook?
Adobe Digital Editions, available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, is an example of a free eReading program compatible with LAG eBooks. Note that Digital Editions is a different program from either Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, neither of which support ePub files. If you have installed Digital Editions on a computer, you can open your eBooks either by going to ‘Add to Library’ in the ‘File’ menu, and select downloaded ePubs from your directory, or by dragging and dropping the files into the program. Using Digital Editions on a tablet or mobile device may vary according to the device, but if you locate a downloaded ePub file on the device, you will most likely be given the option to open it in Digital Editions once the app is installed.
On Apple devices, you may find that the Apple Books app, which can open ePub files, is preinstalled. A number of other eReaders can be found for both iOS and Android devices by searching in the App Store/Google Play.
If you wish to view a LAG eBook on a computer, but are unable to install software such as Digital Editions, you may be able to use an add-on or extension for your web browser that will enable you to open ePub files. EPUBReader is available for Firefox and Chrome for free, and similar extensions are available for Internet Explorer. Once you have added EPUBReader to Firefox or Chrome, an icon will appear in the top right-hand corner of your browser to open the extension. Once you’ve clicked the icon, a button will appear enabling you to add downloaded eBooks from your file directory. Once added, these books will appear in your EPUBReader ‘library’, and can be opened by clicking on them. Again, please ensure that the software that you are using is capable of opening ePub files before purchasing a LAG eBook.
How do I download my eBook?
Once you have bought an eBook title through the LAG bookshop, the webpage of that title will include an option to download your eBook. The button that previously said ‘Add to basket’ on a green background will now say ‘Download eBook’ on a red background. Clicking this button will download the eBook you have purchased. If you can’t see the red download button, make sure that you are logged into your LAG account and are on the webpage of the eBook version of the relevant title, not the overview page, or the print or bundle version, unless you have bought a bundle, in which case, your download button will appear on the bundle page. Once you have purchased an eBook, the download button will remain on the webpage for that eBook title permanently (when you are logged into your account). This enables you to download the eBook multiple times and on multiple devices. However, only the individual purchaser is licensed to use the eBook. Please see the important details below on use of LAG eBooks.
Note that if you have bought a BUNDLE, this download link will appear on the 'bundle' product page not the eBook product page.
Why have LAG books gone up in price?
We are adjusting our prices for books from 1st February 2024.
This has been a difficult decision, but one that is necessary to maintain the quality and variety of our books, as well as to cover the inflationary pressure that has resulted in higher print, distribution and administrative costs.
LAG has always strived to offer the best value for money, however after many years without price increases to our books, the current prices are no longer sustainable in the current market conditions.
The new prices will be as follows:
- Books currently under £50 will have a £5 increase
- Books currently over £50 will have a £10 increase
We appreciate your understanding and loyalty, and we hope that you will continue to enjoy our books. We are committed to providing you with quality products and excellent service and are always looking for ways to improve our service and products.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns or would like to provide feedback or suggestions.
Thank you for your support.