Policy and Campaign Articles
from Legal Action magazine
A range of articles covering LAG, its policy and its history that have appeared in Legal Action over the years.
Lucy Logan Green and James Sandbach report on the dire consequences of the civil legal aid cuts for access to justice and associated knock-on costs in other public services, and provide six recommendations to government to halt the crisis.
Chasing_status' – October 2014
This report was written by Fiona Bawdon and the research carried out as part of Legal Action Group's Immigration & Asylum Law Project,
Keir Starmer QC, Doughty Street Chambers, presented LAG's 2013 annual lecture event: 'Prosecuting in the public interest: CPS guidelines from assisted suicide to social media' on 5 December 2013.
LAG's Immigration and Asylum Law Project was launched in November 2012 and aims to monitor and, where possible, mitigate the impact of legal aid cuts in this area and promote a more balanced debate about immigration and asylum in the media.