Useful sites
Legal Action Group (LAG) does not provide advice. You may find the below useful:
If you are looking for a legal aid lawyer you can search here:
For an overview of legal aid:
Advicenow brings together the best information on the law and your rights from a wide range of independent advice services. You can search its database of handpicked links to information on over 200 websites. The website also explains which organisations can provide advice in different areas of law:
Citizens Advice has a useful website that includes information on the law and can assist you in finding your nearest advice centre:
Advice centres that are members of the organisation AdviceUK can be found using the following link:
Solicitors can be found using The Law Society’s website:
Some barristers take queries or cases directly from members of the public. They are called ‘public access’ barristers. The Bar Council has a directory of public access barristers on its website, at: