Professor Leslie Thomas QC, Daniel Machover, Helen Stone and Adam Straw will guide delegates through all the latest case-law, providing practical and tactical guidance as leading practitioners in the field.
The course is uniquely focused on examining the practice and procedure of the coroner’s court from the point of view of a practitioner acting for the bereaved.
The programme is subject to change but is due to include the following;
• Introduction. Inquests and increasing use of public inquiries in place of inquests. Has anything changed in the last 12 months follow BLM protests on deaths in custody. How to tackle racist stereotypes and Black deaths.
•INQUEST update.
•Urgent issues to consider following a death.
• Funding - inquest (legal aid/CFA), public inquiry (funding by commissioning department, fixed rates). Daniel Machover, Hickman & Rose and Helen Stone, Hickman and Rose.
•“But I want to ask my questions last”. Is there forensic advantage or disadvantage in the order of questioning? What is the law on this issue on who and when they question. How to use when you ask your questions to your tactical benefit.
•Inquest or inquiry, and the procedure at an inquiry.
•Domestic case law: update, trends and forecast on inquests, inquiries, and civil claims.
•European case law: update, trends and forecasts.
•Evidence and procedures: developments over the last year.
•Conclusions in inquest, including Unlawful killing conclusions after Maughan.
•Judicial review and s.13 applications.
• Hot topics “Key issues surrounding the Covid Public Inquiry. International cases and issues. Professor Leslie Thomas QC, Garden Court Chambers and Adam Straw QC Doughty Street Chambers
•Other investigations: PPO, IOPC, criminal, disciplinary proceedings and Judicial Review.
•Discussion, questions and conclusion.
Civil justice