Advicenow plain English guides for litigants in person
The charity Law for Life has revamped its Advicenow website to include a new section aimed at the growing number of litigants in person.
Advicenow provides a series of plain English, step-by-step guides for anyone going to court who doesn’t have access to a lawyer. The guides cover what help may be available for those going it alone, alternatives to court, how to prepare for a hearing, and what happens in court. They give simple explanations of key terms that are commonly used by lawyers but may baffle lay people, such as ‘representation’, ‘practical advice’ and ‘chronology’.
Further, with the LASPO cuts leading to a dramatic rise in the number of unrepresented people in the family courts, Advicenow has responded with a series of guides specially tailored to this group, covering everything from representing yourself at a hearing, to getting a divorce or what is involved in applying for an order for arrangements for children without a lawyer.
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The site also includes an e-learning course on how to avoid or deal with benefit sanctions.

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