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Discrimination in Housing Law
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'A brilliant, timely and essential contribution to our understanding of the theory and practice of discrimination law in housing. Renton renders the complex matrix of different types of discrimination accessible, elucidates the remedies available and illuminates the procedures required to secure them. This is exactly what I need and Discrimination in Housing Law will go straight on my shelf to be consulted on a daily basis.'
Simon Mullings, Hammersmith & Fulham Law Centre
Anti-discrimination principles play an increasingly important part in housing law, whether to defend occupiers threatened with possession proceedings or as an additional route to require landlords to fulfil their duties under a tenancy agreement. Discrimination in Housing Law is a concise but authoritative guide to the use of equality principles in housing law, together with practical guidance for any practitioner bringing or defending such a claim.
Discrimination in Housing Law provides:
guidance on how the main Equality Act 2010 duties arise and how landlords are covered by them
coverage of the duties of public bodies to give due regard to the need to advance equality
advice as to what can be done in conflicts predating a housing relationship, in ongoing housing relationships and in possession proceedings
practical step-by-step guidance on how to bring a discrimination claim
an extensive set of precedents with worked examples used at all stages of the court process
explanation of the relevant statutes and leading authorities
Discrimination in Housing Law equips tenants' representatives with all the tools needed to advise and represent their clients. It covers council housing, homes let by housing associations and the private rented sector, as well as homes held under long leases and mortgages.

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David Renton is a barrister and historian. Since 2008, he has practised from Garden Court Chambers in London. He acts for tenants in disrepair...
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