Migrant Support Handbook
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Description: Migrant Support Handbook
‘The asylum/asylum support system is operated in a way which aims to distance migrants from the rule of law and access to justice. This can be seen graphically in the current provision of accommodation on barges and military bases, segregating them from the rest of society. The purpose of this book is to help its readers reunite them.’
Sue Willman, DPG.
Migrant Support Handbook is a new book focusing exclusively on the welfare and legal rights of migrants. Those working in this complex area of law, often faced with desperate, vulnerable clients, have to quickly assess their rights across a wide range of areas from housing and welfare benefits to social services and NHS provision. Migrant Support Handbook presents the law in an accessible and practical way for quick reference or in-depth advice. Each chapter is clearly and consistently set out with key points and summaries.
Contents include:
An overview of nationality and immigration law
EEA free movement law and the EU settlement scheme
Asylum law and international protection law
Welfare benefits
Asylum support
Support for failed asylum-seekers
Community care services for adults and children
Special cases (unaccompanied children, care leavers and victims of trafficking)

About the author

Description: Shu Shin Luh - author
Shu Shin Luh is a barrister at Doughty Street Chambers.
Description: Connor Johnston - author
Connor Johnston is a barrister at Garden Court Chambers specialising in housing, homelessness and community care.